Wordipus Pi

The Best Word Tool


Word•i•pus is an iOS App named after it’s original designer - an octopus whose love of Scabble® and other word games brought him part-way back from the brink of insanity. After losing an eye, three tentacles, and his basic sense of etiquette in a horrific knitting accident of the kind that only an octopus would be capable, his life had been swirling downstream.

   His first idea, a design for a velcro-powered underwater scooter, failed dramatically in the commercial sector without so much as a single round of venture capital - and during the height of the internet boom of the late ‘90s no less. Famine, depression, and shame plowed fertile soil for each-other in the wreckage of his miserable, 5-tentacled, non-stereoscopic life.

But Then, in a final strike against all-consuming desperation, he designed the perfect word game handicapping device. Realizing the potential, he then sold his own identity just to be able to afford to have it rendered into code, tested, and published. 

Here you can learn more about the resulting Word•i•pus device and how to use it to your advantage once you have one in your possession.

Word•i•pus Origins and Intentions



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